Lanesta is a Polish wedding dress brand established in 2014. Luxurious romance is the key to understanding the brand’s aesthetics that remain unchanged through time. Designers are inspired by classic beauty, art and the most wonderful corners of the world, where the pure and deep feelings of couples in love are saturated with unforgettable emotions. Expensive materials, luxurious hand-embroidery, perfect silhouettes and unusual details make the brand’s dresses unforgettable. “Lanesta” is associated among fashionistas all over the world with a refined sense of style, high level of quality and elite execution of unsurpassed outfits.In addition to modern trends in the design of wedding dresses, the creators of the brand have provided an innovative approach to the development of patterns and tailoring technologies. Thanks to the perfected sewing patterns, dresses fit perfectly to the figure, and high-class modernized production guarantees exceptional quality. The brand’s master-hands make all efforts to make the dresses look perfect from the first stitch to the last pearl on the corset.
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